1 thought on “Stop Python-3.6 nightly/binary builds

  1. according to https://pypistats.org/packages/torch python-3.6 is still 2nd most version in last 30 days based on number total number of downloads.

    From the charts it seems that 3.6 is the 3rd most used version, not 2nd? (and it will soon be 4th, passed by 3.9). From the lat 30 days it seems to only account for about 12%% of the downloads. The top 2 are 3.7 and 3.8 which account for about 80%%.

    in this case I do not think we should be deprecating this. In ideal world this should be a product decision, but I would suggest we have a “placeholder” rule until we will have better one from the product: we are not deprecating python version unless it is generating <5%% of downloads.

    That’s one valid way to look at it. Another way is to consider that user behaviour is shaped in great part by major packages like pytorch, numpy etc., and by dropping an EOL version we are advocating for good practices and probably doing the users (and ourselves) a favor.
    A lot of popular packages have dropped support for 3.6 already, e.g. numpy dropped 3.6 support with 1.20 in Jan 2021, and their next release 1.22 will even be >= 3.8.

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