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  1. STEP is complex, and in most cases will need to be processed by a CAD kernel to get to a format that three.js can currently load. The reason is that STEP contains several representations for geometric shapes, the most common being Advanced BREP (often with NURBS and trimming). There is an open source project that generates a low-level API for STEP data (http://www.stepcode.org) that is used by BRL-CAD and OpenVSP. OpenCasCade has its own STEP translation capability, which is used by FreeCAD (and others) for STEP and IfcOpenShell for IFC. Clara.io can import both STEP and IFC, but like many other free tools (including open source such as FreeCAD and OpenCasCADE) lacks modern STEP capabilities like associative 3D text, supplemental geometry, model styling and organization, tessellation, user defined attributes, PMI, etc. (http://www.cax-if.org). The NIST STEP File Analyzer can convert most modern STEP capabilities to VRML/X3D, and is free but not open source. So unless three.js develops capabilities to cover more of the STEP geometric representations, STEP and IFC data will need to be processed by something into a form that three.js can load (like three.js json, STL, VRML/X3D, COLLADA, etc.)

  2. +1 for interest in STEP format loader.

    This comment added 6 Oct 2015. Now is 2017 year. I have a question: We have STEP Loader for ThreeJS? =)

  3. Is there any loader for STEP file in threejs. Actually I have used threejs to make a simple CAD product (http://www.alarvy.com). We want the capability to export 3D models created from our modeler to STEP file format. STEP format is the international standard for 3D model data exchange. This format is supported widely by all CAD/CAM softwares like SolidWorks, Catia, NX, Creo, Inventor, etc. I request you to please add this to the feature request. This is quite urgent for me. Is there any way to expedite this. I am ready to pay a donation of $250. I know it is opensource. But still I thought of adding this if any freelancer is interested to do this.

  4. I created these documentation around 2007.
    I have attached lot of models in this link. These models were created in ProE 2000 (very old version).
    https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B6pWSLDwBUdybk5OWU5XcUtSWEk . I will try to get more latest models. My email id is rnd@alarvy.com. If you need more info, you can ping me personally

  5. I don’t want to make any self promotion, however this can help some of you.
    For a research project, I developed the website : https://www.dmu-net.org.

    It has a visualizer for 3D Model which came in STEP format at the beginning: https://www.dmu-net.org/explore.php

    In order to enable the display for 3D STEP models, I used OpenOCC to convert from STEP to ThreeJS.

    The source code of this project is available here:

    I hope it will be useful to some of you.

    Best Regards,


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