Stdout Logging For Windows

I built my app using NWJS for windows.

While there is some GUI elements (why I used nwjs) a large portion is command line based.

I am really trying to find a way to write to the console.

the –enable-logging flag works but it is really ugly output that my users would have to work though and it all goes to stderr, when I have users who would be wanting to pipe the stdout and stderr to 2 different places a lot of the time.

I know that process.stdout.write() does not work for windows.

Is there a way anyone has found to write to the console without going through chromium?

Or is there somewhere in the source code that I can revert back to the node.js console.log way of doing things?

If none of these work, does anyone have a better option to use? The app is just about finished using node.js and nwjs. I would hate to have to switch to something else now, but If I can’t send to stdout that might be where I am at.

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