Static light positions in scene


I would like to have a light attached to the Camera so that it does not rotate when I rotate the whole scene through THREE.TrackballControls.

I am setting up lights like this:

var light = new THREE.DirectionalLight( 0xFFFFFF, 1 );
light.position.set( -0.65, 0.59, 0.48 ).normalize();
scene.add( light );

I think the problem is because lights are binded to the scene. In OpenGL I could set them with an identity modelView matrix and have them fixed but not really sure how to do this with three.js. Has anybody had this problem before?


Author: Fantashit

1 thought on “Static light positions in scene

  1. You can add the light to the camera with camera.add( light ). Then the light’s position is relative to the camera’s

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