Standalone apk crashing because of reanimated2.0.0-alpha.

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Summary of Issue

Standalone apk crashing because of reanimated2.0.0-alpha. Works fine in development and with expo-cli but crashes as a standalone app.

Environment – output of expo diagnostics & the platform(s) you’re targeting

expo diagnostics output:

Tested on:
Device: Samsung galaxy J7 Neo.
Android version: 9.0

Reproducible Demo

I am sorry but as this involves not core supported library(react-native-reanimated@2.0.0-alpha.6.1) I can’t create snack.
So I have created a GitHub repo here.

An android apk can be find here for next 30 days(till 11 JAN 2021). Link to apk.

Steps to Reproduce

I haven’t done so much. just imported Animated from “react-native-reanimated”.
And just created <Animated.Text />

Total changes is blank(JavaScript) template from expo init are equal to this commit changes.

Expected Behavior vs Actual Behavior

Expected Behavior:
Opens standalone app and just display text.

Actual Behavior:
Crashes upon launching the standalone app.


I was working on animations(actually I am still new to animations) and created some animations and wanted to share to my friend. So I created standalone apk with expo build:android and installed on my physical device and It won’t open. I figured out that the issue is with reanimated@2.0.0 with expo. This projects repo can be found here. It might help for more in depth info but shall not be considered as a main issue – repo for this issue.

So I created new project for testing with expo init (with blank template) and just did all changes required for reanimated-2 as mentioned in docs of expo SDK 39. Installed the reanimated-2 and created text element with it and run with expo-cli.
It ran perfect with development. Then I created standalone apk and It crashed same as the my previous one.

I don’t know should I use reanimated-2 for standalone build or not. I couldn’t found it and expo doc shows it so I think it should be usable in standalone too.

1 possible answer(s) on “Standalone apk crashing because of reanimated2.0.0-alpha.

  1. that seems possible. it enables turbomodule, and we don’t run any tests against this environment. there is no need to enable it for reanimated 2 anymore and we don’t recommend it in the docs, so the solution to this issue seems to be to remove the turbomodules flag that used to be necessary for reanimated 2 in sdk 39.