Stacked chart issue for time scale

When i am using two different lines in stacked format and both have different time sets.

I am facing two issue : –

  1. Incorrect data on ( here Car Label showing some stacked data but all value are zero here )
  2. how to display data for “Car Label” on the time ‘2017-06-9’.
    ref link for the issue : –

Plz help me


  • Chart.js version: 2.7.1
  • Browser name and version: Chrome
  • Link to your project: – own

Author: Fantashit

1 thought on “Stacked chart issue for time scale

  1. @benmccann Can we diagnose it better first, though?

    I’m having this issue:
    I have a non-categorical, yAxis stacked line chart with dates in the xAxis.
    The stacking is happening as if the line chart was categorical, as in: the first value on each series is stacked against the first value of every series, regardless of the xAxis value being the same or not.

    Is this what you’re experiencing as well?

    The impact for me is that I cannot enable stacking on, which uses Chart.js for the rendering.

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