Source map files missing from webpack:///

I’m using devtool: 'inline-source-map and then running webpack-dev-server but get the following warning in Chrome Devtools Console:

Source map http://localhost:8080/test.js points to the files missing from the workspace: [webpack:///./NumberSpec.js?0cb8, webpack:///./NumberSpec.js, webpack:///./StringSpec.js?2a5b, …]

When I inspect the webpack:// pseudo-path in the Sources tab, I don’t see my source files.

Same problem in multiple projects.

I’m using webpack@1.7.3 and webpack-dev-server@1.7.0

Downgrading to webpack@1.2.x and webpack-dev-server@1.2.x and the problem goes away (the older versions uses a . pseudo-path instead of a webpack:// pseudo-path).

Author: Fantashit

1 thought on “Source map files missing from webpack:///

  1. Appears to be a Chrome issue. I opened the page in an incognito window and the problem has gone away.

    Reset Chrome dev tools (see here) and restarted machine – now fixed.

    Looks like this issue occurred after mapping files in the webpack . folder to a file system resource and then I lost the file system resource, and therefore the webpack . folder.

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