SO [three.js] appaling question quality

The quality of three.js tagged questions on SO is horrible. Each question that makes sense and is properly formatted is followed by 20 that are just incomprehensible, RTFM, i've no idea wtf im doing sort of thing. At one point I started getting frustrated, but for some reason, I can’t stop looking at them. I’m under the impression that some experts who used to frequent SO have stopped doing so.

I’m still learning how SO works, so I posted this, and got some interesting information, but i’m not sure what to make out of it:

  1. 40%% overall unanswered questions seem to be really bad, average is 29%%, good is 10-15%%. Sounds like it’s worse than one of the two worst tags, almost as bad as the other.
  2. three.js seems to end up in the same spot as categories that attract many non-programmer types 3D graphics attracts a lot of beginners who neither have the math skills nor the programming skills to handle these APIs.

Since people do get referred to SO from here:
If you need help, please use [stackoverflow](

I thought i’d share this.

I’m also under the impression that a few years ago, there were more good quality questions overall. I’ve even seen links to West Langley’s answers on SO as a three learning reference, but it looks like those are coming in less frequently.

I’ve heard that the resources and tutorials can be quite out of date. Three moves quite quick, and often has major overhauls (?), which would explain this. Maybe having more official tutorials that have to be fixed and working the same way examples do could address this?

Maybe some strategy and effort could be put to clean up SO’s [three.js] tag. Perhaps rather than sending people to SO, we could send them to the docs, and possibly some three agnostic literature on graphics, webgl, math etc.

Also might be worth having a discussion on who uses three, and how. It feels that all the shortcuts that three offers work while someone is copy pasting the code, as soon as some modification occurs, things start breaking up.

The current situation could be good for the experts though. The more people dive into projects thinking it will be easy but get stuck, the more consultancy gigs should come, maybe i just need to jump on that boat.

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1 thought on “SO [three.js] appaling question quality

  1. I totally agree! I am an experienced web developer, who played around with 3D graphics about 10 years ago but lately my career has seen me combining the 2, so I am learning rapidly but do need a lot of help. I find myself drowning in unhelpful tutorials and misleading SO answers every time I search for help.

    In response, a little while ago I drafted this manifesto that I was hoping would gather support and collaboration:

    In summary, I think a good way to start would be to ensure all tutorials and SO questions are tagged with the revision number they are using at the time. Doing this will allow posts to age gracefully and not continue to be misleading after they have become irrelevant.

    If we can gather a Robin Hood style “band of merry men” (but with women too) and make a concerted effort to re-tag/edit every ThreeJS post on SO to contain the version number then it would go a long way. The simple process of encouraging the poster/reader to consider version number deepens their understanding of the code!

    I do regularly triage questions on SO and 60%% of posts get rejected as unclear, regardless of language.

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