Slow Startup Performance Regression In NWjs v0.41.0+

NWJS Version: v0.41.0+
Operating System: Windows 7, Windows 10
Reproduction Project:
Additional Note: Linux and OSX could be affected as well, not tested. No difference between using a package.nw archive or unzipped folder.

Expected behavior

Newer versions of NWjs should start just as fast as they did before.

Actual behavior

Newer versions start with a noticeable delay. I started NWjs at least once before doing the measurements, to avoid the 1st time caching delay that executable files usually have.

Average startup loading times*:

  • v0.39.0 = ~0,5sec
  • v0.40.2 = ~0,6sec
  • v0.42.0 = ~6,2sec

(Tested using: Win7, Quad Core 3.4ghz CPU, 8gb RAM, Normal HDD)
*Before the game engine loader is being displayed.

How to reproduce

  1. Download project for reproduction
  2. Download mentioned NWjs versions (in my case: SDK-Win64)
  3. Put package.nw inside NWjs folder and run it
  4. Notice latest versions taking longer to startup

Author: Fantashit

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