Slow incremental rebuild

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Option to turn off tree shaking (which is suppose to be slow).

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I have quite big angular@11 project. App folder has 4MB within 2100 files. I know it is big. Initial compilation takes over 130 seconds. My command is node --max_old_space_size=10000 ./node_modules/@angular/cli/bin/ng serve so I’m giving node extra memory.

Problem is with recompilation. I’ve made an isolated lazy loaded module:

    path: 'dev',
    loadChildren: () => import('@dev/dev-pages/dev-pages.module').then(m => m.DevPagesModule)

In that module I have only one, auto generated page component:

<p>page-dev-test works!</p>

If I add any string to template it takes almost 20 seconds to recompile (file is only 7kB) :/ Is it normal? Can I speed this up?


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One of stackoverflowers ( suggested that tree shaking is very have process which takes lot of time. How about turning it off in development?

2 thoughts on “Slow incremental rebuild

  1. With the help of @alan-agius4 I got to a point where the rebuild is only ~3seconds; we needed to set "extractLicenses": false to disable license extraction. We are yet to figure out why that would have been enabled, as it should be disabled by default.