SkeletonHelper and colladaLoader2: Helper not visible

Description of the problem

Im using the SkeletonHelper on a SkinnedMesh coming from the colladaLoader2.
In r82+colladaLoader I used to traverse the scene, check for a THREE.SkinnedMesh and then create a Helper with the current Object.
Code looked like this:

dae.scene.traverse( function ( child ) {
	if ( child instanceof THREE.SkinnedMesh ) {
		var skeletonHelper = new THREE.SkeletonHelper( child );
		skeletonHelper.material.linewidth = 3;
		skeletonHelper.visible = true;
		scene.add( skeletonHelper );

Doing this with r87dev and the colladaLoader2 no skeleton is displayed and no Errors. ⚠️

Looking at the r87dev webgl_loader_collada_skinning (dancing trooper) example you can try it yourself. It looks like currently you have to create the Helper by giving it the dae.scene.
My model contains multiple skinned Meshes, so im looking for a way to create the helper using the particular mesh, not the whole scene. I have to add Im not seeing any problems right now, Im just confused about the change in code.

Three.js version
  • Dev
  • Firefox
  • Windows

Author: Fantashit

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