singleShare doesn’t work on IOS for Instagram

Steps to reproduce

I am using the piece of code given below to share on instagram
const shareOptions = {
title: ‘Join us!’,
message: `Hey! checkout this cool app’
social: Share.Social.INSTAGRAM,
url: ‘‘,
// shareSuccessful();
const response = await Share.shareSingle(shareOptions);

Expected behaviour

should redirect to instagram and let the user share the link through messages.

Actual behaviour

In android it opens the user’s instagram contacts to let the user send the message directly but in IOS it just opens the App store page of instagram


  • React Native version: 0.62.2
  • React Native platform + platform version: iOS 14


Version: npm version 4.0.4

Link to repo (highly encouraged)

1 possible answer(s) on “singleShare doesn’t work on IOS for Instagram

  1. What it does: it opens the Instagram library to let you post an image from the camera roll. It displays the latest photo you took on camera rather than from the url supplied. However, you still need to select one/multiple from the camera roll.

    What it should do: open the image directly, let you edit and post. It works on Facebook, Twitter but not on Instagram.