Showing Data values on Bar’s

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My chart JS version: 2.1.3

I am having some Bar charts on the page on the bar of each I want to show the data value.I referred to the solution here (see potatopeelings & Hung Tran answer)
This work fine but the mouse over on the bars triggers the animation onComplete callback which causes the rewriting of the values on the bars & give a blinking impression.Is there a way to prevent this?

I tried to implement the onAnimationComplete callback as per potatopeelings answer but it seems his solution is for Version: 1.0.2 & I am unable to implement the same for my version.

Would using onAnimationComplete & onComplete callbacks yield same result?I can see that the potatopeelings do not have the blinking problem(
my code is here:

P.S: I have tried using afterDraw callback but it also seem to be firing on mouseover of the bars.I am also showing tooltips.


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