Should the bootstrap css be required in when using ng-bootstrap?

Being new to this project, the following lines from the “getting started” threw me out completely:

Should I add bootstrap.js or bootstrap.min.js to my project?
No, the goal of ng-bootstrap is to completely replace JavaScript implementation for components. Nor should you include other dependencies like jQuery or popper.js. It is not necessary and might interfere with ng-bootstrap code.

I noticed that the same problem was reported on Stackoverflow.

Should the getting-started include some words on including the css file within styles.css upon having run an npm install bootstrap? For example:

@import "../node_modules/bootstrap/dist/css/bootstrap.css"

2 thoughts on “Should the bootstrap css be required in when using ng-bootstrap?

  1. I think it is bizarre that the css isn’t available through ng-bootstrap !
    It’s certainly a nasty “gotcha” that can cause days of wasted development time.

  2. Hi, i arrived here following the topic #2204.

    I’ve seen that the first time somebody refered to the unclear instructions about the Bootstrap CSS dependency was on feb/10 and still the instructions are really unclear.

    As a complete begginer ‘im gonna tell you what i’ve done, in case you want to change something in the getting started section:


    -Creating new Angular project

    ng new name-of-my-project
    Angular routing (y)
    Style (css)//¿Can i use scss?

    -Installing Bootstrap
    npm install bootstrap

    -Installing ng-bootstrap
    npm install –save @ng-bootstrap/ng-bootstrap


    In app-module.ts

    import {NgbModule} from ‘@ng-bootstrap/ng-bootstrap’;

    In styles.css
    For CSS: @import ‘~bootstrap/dist/css/bootstrap.css’;
    For SCSS: @import “~bootstrap/scss/bootstrap”

    What about in angular.json?

    The problem is that i’ve donde most of the steps reading the comments of people complaining about this issue. Honestly i think that things could be even easier, like using npm i bootstrap-css-only, but i don’t dare to do any more changes. Learning that took me a couple of days.

    Answering the question, i can’t see any single reason why Bootstrap CSS shouldn’t been included on ng-bootstrap