1 thought on “Set up a repository for language/core library work

  1. Some details on current proposals. We are considering (at least) the following repository names (under dart-lang):

    dart-enhancement (or dart-lang-enhancement)

    We have some rough proposals for how to organize the repository, briefly summarized as follows.
    Our expectation is that most discussion will happen in designated issues. We will have sub-folders corresponding to active issues, in which multiple rough working documents (and other artifacts) for a given issue can be placed. Accepted proposals will live in a single canonical place. Proposals will go through an iterative process of prototyping and revision before moving to a full implementation stage. The formal spec will also have its home in this repository. Labels in the issue tracker (or possibly a document) will be used to track features/user problems which we are interested in addressing, but which are not actively being worked on. A similar mechanism will track things that we have considered and rejected (with rationale) so that we have something to point people to when we hear the same request again. There will be a broad roadmap document.

    Comments or feedback welcome.

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