SDK build reload app breaks the “global” object with –load-extension

win 10 64 bit sdk build
NW.js v0.18.7

I run my project with a shortcut with a target like this:

C:\Dev\nwjs\nw.exe –load-extension=”C:\Dev\vue-devtools” “C:\Dev\test”

After I reload the app with the right mouse button on main window context menu “Reload app” button most of the properties in the “global” object will be null or undefined.
For an example global.setImmediate will be undefined.

This only happens if I load a devtools extension.

Repro case includes the extension and a basic app.

Step by step reproduction:

  1. Run the app in nw.js with --load-extension
  2. Open the devtools context menu (right mouse button on the window)
  3. Click on Reload app or Simulate browser restart context menu element
  4. After app reload open the devtools
  5. In the console check out the global object, e.g.: global.setImmediate

Author: Fantashit

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