Scrolling through document is sluggish

Hi, I just upgraded to Atom v1.1.0 and have noticed an issue with scrolling. When I have a large file open (at least a few hundred lines) and scroll with the trackpad, the scroll is sluggish depending on how slowly I scroll. If I scroll slowly, it’s very sluggish, however if I scroll at a faster rate, the speed increases exponentially. This makes it very difficult to navigate a large document by scrolling through it. I’m running on OS X 10.11.

2 thoughts on “Scrolling through document is sluggish

  1. I’m in the process of completely rewriting editor rendering, which will include a different approach to scrolling that may alleviate peoples issues with the current design. Right now scrolling is implemented completely in JavaScript, dating back to a time when Chrome scroll events were delivered asynchronously. Now that Chrome sends scroll events synchronously, we can use a simpler design which I’m hoping will provide a more native feel across platforms.