scroll not working

Hi Im using this code
<pdf-viewer [src]="pdfSrc" [(page)]="page" [show-all]="true" [rotation]="0" [stick-to-page]="true" [zoom]="0.9" [render-text]="true" [autoresize]="true" [original-size]="false" style="display: block;" (after-load-complete)="callBackFn($event)"> </pdf-viewer>

and I cant get the scroll to work, If I set show all to false I can get it to go to the page ive set but not if its set to true

I would like to be able to have the whole document loaded into the page and have it start at the page I specify

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  1. Hey as you can clearly see in my code, I have put [stick-to-page]="true" and it only works if [show-all]="false" I want to be able to show the whole pdf and it have it jump to the page I want