running app in subdirectory

i am maintaining the app nodeMirror

and i am very happy with express so far.
tons of options like bodyparser and cockieparser are used.
there is the option to run nodeMirror in a subdirectory, meaning it will only listen on a given path like

that runs very well.

now i want to add support for running nodeMirror not as stand alone app, but simply to add it to your existing express configuration.
if you give a subdirectory and a existing express app in the constructor parameter, nodeMirror should just be added to your existing express configuration.
the problem is, i do not understand how potential global settings for cookie parsing & co that exist on the main app influence the nodeMirror setting.
i need to have my own cookie to ensure proper interaction with

what is the way to go? is there a tutorial for this?

if you would be so kind to point me in the right direction that would be awesome.

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