Ruby syntax of theme not being applied correctly



Started Atom yesterday, no [known] changes or updates to any packages, however I did update OSX to 10.14.1

I use the One Dark syntax, and noticed immediately that all of my method calls were blue, instead of white.

There have been no changes to the One Dark Syntax theme.

screenshot 2018-11-19 at 12 49 34

I have tried manually changing my styles.less with the following, using the CSS from the official one-dark-syntax repo

.syntax--punctuation {
  &.syntax--section {
    &.syntax--inner-class {
      color:hsl(220, 14%%, 71%%) !important;

This had no impact.

I’m thinking this could be an issue with the way the ruby is being parsed.

Steps to Reproduce

Unable to test on another device (only have one Mac!), but happens every time no matter what I try, including safe mode and switching to another theme and back again


Atom    : 1.32.2
Electron: 2.0.9
Chrome  : 61.0.3163.100
Node    : 8.9.3

Additional Information

This screenshot shows what it should look like (from a copycat theme for sublime)

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  1. Thanks for the report!

    This sounds like a duplicate of issues like atom/language-ruby#252 (you can confirm this is related to Tree-sitter by checking/unchecking Settings > Core > Use Tree Sitter Parsers) – see this comment for more details atom/language-ruby#252 (comment).

    Because we treat our issues list as the Atom team’s backlog, we close duplicates to focus our work and not have to touch the same chunk of code for the same reason multiple times. This is also why we may mark something as duplicate that isn’t an exact duplicate but is closely related.

    For information on how to use GitHub’s search feature to find out if something is a duplicate before filing, see the How Can I Contribute? section of the Atom CONTRIBUTING guide.