RLS: 0.23.0

Release Checklist

This template can be copied into the RLS issue for a release and checked off as you go.


  • Open a pre-release issue and mention related parties. (A few weeks before release) with this template.
  • Clear the bug queue
  • Run an ASV: `cd asv_bench; asv continuous -f 1.1 $(git describe –abbrev=0)..HEAD“
  • Review deprecations from previous releases here
  • Review experimental features from previous releases here
  • Clean up release.rst (contributors and stats will be done later)
  • Clean up whatsnew.rst
  • Run a full doc build and make sure everything is clean
    ./make.py clean; ./make.py; ./make.py zip_html;  ./make.py latex_forced
    • Check the output, check whatsnew and release.rst for formatting errors.
  • run build_dist.sh, uninstall cython and make a test install of the tarball to ensure
    cython is not required for installation from tarball/pypi (now also part of travis scripts, but check).
  • Ensure you have SSH access to pandas.pydata.org (@TomAugspurger or Andy Terrel should be able to get you an account).
  • Ensure you have upload rights to PyPI (Wes or Jeff)
  • Ensure you have commit rights on github.com/macPython/pandas-wheels/ and github.com/conda-forge/pandas-feedstock

Release Candidate

These are items that must be done for an RC. See the respective sections for details.

RC Conda Packages

Conda-forge doesn’t support release candidates yet. We build them ourselves.

  • Setup Windows Environment
  • Setup Linux Environment

The Release

Final Pre-Release

To be done just before tagging the commit. This is optional for release-candidates.

  • Call a hold on master in the pre-release issue before you start.
  • Finalize the documentation by running the
    • Run scripts/announce.py and add to release.rst
    • Update the release date in release.rst and whatsnew/<version>.rst
  • Commit the doc changes

Tag the Release

  • Create an empty commit: git commit --allow-empty -m 'RLS: v0.20.0'
    • For Release-Candidates, it’s -m 'RLS: v0.20.0.rc2'
  • Create the tag: git tag -a v0.20.0 -m “Version 0.20.0”

Test the Release

Some local sanity tests before pushing, making the release official

  • Build the release
    • Conda:
# build a conda package
conda build ./conda.recipe --numpy 1.11 --python 2.7 -q --output

# fresh conda env
conda create -n pandas_0.18.2_test python=2.7 pandas nose

# build and install into that env
conda install -n pandas_0.18.2_test pandas --use-local

# switch to that env & test
source activate pandas_0.18.2_test
import pandas as pd
  • Pip
# build the wheel
python setup.py bdist_wheel

# activate another environment
workon pandas-test
pip uninstall -y pandas
pip install <path/to/wheel>
python -c "import pandas; pandas.test()"
  • Build the docs. Check the version number and release notes

Push the Release

This is where things become final. No going back once the tagged commit is pushed

  • Push the release
    • Major release: git push upstream master --follow-tags
    • Maintenance: git push upstream 0.20.x --follow-tags

Build Source Distribution

  • git clean -xdf pandas && python setup.py cython && python setup.py sdist --formats=gztar (TODO: update build_dist.sh to handle maintenance branches)

Release on Github

  • Draft a new release here
  • If this is an RC, check the box saying it’s a pre-release
  • Upload the pandas-<version>.tar.gz from the previous step as a “binary”
  • Generate the SHA256 for the release with openssl dgst -sha256 dist/pandas-<version>.tar.gz
    We use the SHA from our .tar.gz since the one auto-generated by Github isn’t stable if the release page
    is later modified.

Build Binary Distributions

Windows wheels are built automatically by Christoph Gohlke.

  • Open a PR for Mac and Linux wheels to update the BUILD_COMMIT here
  • Final Release Only Open a PR for the pandas-feedstock
    • Update the version
    • Update the SHA256
    • Set the build number 5to 0

Download Binary Distributions

Conda-Forge is handled automatically. We handle wheels.

  • Windows wheels from here
  • Mac / Linux wheels with python scripts/fetch_wheels.py, from here

Upload to PyPI

Upload the source and wheels simultaneously. Uploading just the source may break some users’
workflows, if they trigger an update but don’t have a C-complier

  • Assuming you’ve downloaded everything to dist: twine upload dist/*
  • You may want to hide the release until the docs are up and announcement is sent out

Build and Upload the Docs

  • Build and upload
cd docs;
./make.py clean; ./make.py; ./make.py zip_html;  ./make.py latex_forced
python make.py upload_previous 0.20.2
  • Update stable symlink: ln -sfn version/0.22.0 stable
  • Update the minor symlink: ln -sfn 0.22.0 0.22

Update the Website

  • clone the repo: https://github.com/pandas-dev/pandas-website.git
  • major only: Move latest.rst to previous.rst
  • Update latest.rst
  • Update releases.json and pre_release.json (if RC, add to pre_release.json, else make it blank)
  • Update _themes/pydata/layout.html to have the most recent minor release of each major version
  • commit and push
  • build: make html
  • upload: make upload (this requires an SSH key for the docs server)
  • Verify the cheatsheets at /Pandas_Cheet_Sheet.{pdf,pptx} are up to date (TODO: automate)
  • Verify it updated (maybe in an incognito browser to avoid caching)


** Final Version**

** Release Candidates **

Start the next release cycle

Only after a major release

When finishing a major release we have a few extra steps to ensure that
the development version is always ahead of the backports version.

  • Create a backports branch off the release commmit, e.g. git checkout -b 0.20.x master
  • Push that to upstream: git push -u upstream 0.20.x
  • Switch back to master and make a new commit to start the next cycle
    • git checkout master
    • git commit --allow-empty -m 'DEV: Start 0.21 cycle'
    • git tag -a v0.21.0.dev0 -m 'Version 0.21.0 start'
    • git push upstream master --follow-tags
  • Ensure that a whatsnew file is available for the next major and minor releases


  • Close the Milestone on github
  • Close the RLS issue

Miscellany I haven’t gotten to yet.

Update documentation

  • Get commits since last release:
    git log v0.18.1.. --format='%%an#%%s' | grep -v Merge > commits
  • Include a summary by contributor in release notes (release.rst):
    cat commits | gawk -F '#' '{ print "- " $1 }' | sort | uniq
  • Run release_stats.sh to get number of contributors and commits.
  • In release notes/whatsnew, update release date.
  • Update release notes (release.rst with highlights of whatsnew).

Tracking issue for 0.23.0

(edited the milestone target date from end of March to end of April)

cc @pandas-dev/pandas-core

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