Retry using different registry mirror if fails?

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What is the current behavior?
If the connection to fails and the retries also fail, the installation totally fails

What is the expected behavior?
It would be nice to have a fallback mechanism. If hitting fails multiple times, maybe try using CloudFlare’s mirror ( or directly, or something like that.

  • Only fall back on failures
  • Do NOT do this for registry server names other than the default (ie. if user changes the registry, respect that setting)
  • It’s probably only safe to do this for modules that are already listed in the lock file, as we already know the hash of the good file

Author: Fantashit

1 thought on “Retry using different registry mirror if fails?

  1. Echoing @EirikBirkeland, this would have saved us a lot of hassle this week. has been failing intermittently all week for us and causing chaos. I know there a a few mirrors available, I’d love to be able to declare of list of mirrors to try incise the previous one fails;-

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