4 thoughts on “Responsive in combination with bootstrap collapse

  1. This still occurs if maintainAspectRatio: false

    This does still appear to be a bug in the latest version still but setting maintainAspectRatio to true does fix it.
    If you set the chart to hidden, load your data then display the element the chart doesn’t render at all if the canvas for the chart is the only element inside the DIV. If you add some text then the chart appears underneath but then gradually grows indefinitely in height until it crashes your browser. The canvas is set for a width of 200px but this is ignored.

  2. Using vue-chartjs wrapper and having this exact same issue. Still not fixed.

    Temporary fixed it by adding min-height: 400px on the canvas itself.
    Seems like the default height value cannot be applied on the canvas if its direct parent does not have a proper height.

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