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Does it make sense to have onProgress reporting during a Loader’s .parse() method?

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Recently I switched from using ObjectLoader.load() to ObjectLoader.parse(). The reasons for switching are that I really had no need for actually loading a file, I can just parse the information just the same. I gain one less dependency on XHR, on the other hand however, I loose onProgress information while things are being parsed.

Loaders work well to report onProgress information in the load() method. I’d be interested to hear if anyone would find it useful to also include a similar onProgress on the .parse() method. I understand the mechanism to report the progress is different, .load() uses XHR total vs loaded bytes, whereas in .parse(), there is no mechanism in place to understand the bytes parsed vs total. There could be, however, an understanding of total things to parse. I’m mainly thinking of the ObjectLoader where there is parseGeometries, parseTextures, etc.

Loading Manager works to a certain extent to describe if ‘files’ are being loaded, and in my case, I do have base64 encoded images in the JSON data which it does report loading during the progress. But if I have a rather large set of geometries with say, only one texture, I don’t get any meaningful information regarding where we are in the geometry loading. My files tend to have a lot of geometry pieces.

I do not want to add unnecessary overhead, and it would be great if there was an abstract way to handle all loading situations, as well as allow people to opt in or out of such progress reporting.

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