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Description of the problem

apparently there is some problem with the render order. create the following scenario

create plane
create a line with depth testing = false on that plane.

I have given the plane a renderOrder 1 and the line renderOrder 2 (since I cannot find any documentation about how it is rendered from low to high or the other way around I also test with the plane renderOrder 2 and the line renderOrder 1.

I would expect one of the situations to be where I see the line drawn perfectly fine on top of the plane and another where the plane covers the line. What I get is always the line on top of the plane, which means the plane is rendered first then the line

I tried also to turn off and on the renderer.sortObjects but this had no affect on either cases.

I’m stumped.

Author: Fantashit

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  1. Hi @Crisium, after spending 8 hours, I found a line on stack overflow that said the render order should lie between 0 to 1.

    Um, can you please share a link to this thread? It’s actually not true, the renderOrder accepts all numerical values, even Infinity.

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