Remove “bg-light” css class from the datepicker component

Versions of Angular, ng-bootstrap and Bootstrap:

Angular: 7.2.2

ng-bootstrap: 4.1.0

Bootstrap: 4.2.1

I think hard coding bg-light into the datepicker makes it difficult to customize it’s theme, especially a dark theme.
Most often I’ve had to override every css class attached to the datepicker, adding !important which doesn’t feel right.
Can we remove the bg-light class and let this be handled by the dropdown-menu class, allowing the user to override that.

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  1. Hey @casoetan ! Thanks to report this evolution.

    We could for sure, and we will have to, remove the usage of this .bg-light Bootstrap class.
    Nonetheless we just can’t rely on .dropdown-menu. Our datepicker can also be opened inline, as a simple calendar, and thus won’t be wrapped by a dropdown!

    I think we just need to move all these values to our .ngb-datepicker classes (and children classes also)