react-native-calendars moved 1 day forward

At the time of creating the post, it was Friday 30th. For some reason, my calendar displays this day as Saturday:

<Calendar style={{width: Dimensions.get('screen').width - 10}} theme={{ selectedDayBackgroundColor: '#00adf5', selectedDayTextColor: '#ffffff', dotColor: '#00adf5', }} onDayPress={this.onDaySelect} markedDates={this.state.markedDates} markingType="single" minDate={minDate} maxDate={maxDate} disableAllTouchEventsForDisabledDays={true} />

Screen Shot 2020-10-30 at 16 59 43

2 thoughts on “react-native-calendars moved 1 day forward

  1. @mparkhomenko
    Go to this file location

    react-native-calenders -> src -> calendar -> header -> index.js

    and changed

    let weekDaysNames = weekDayNames(this.props.firstDay);
    let weekDaysNames = weekDayNames(6);

    I have faced the same issue
    I have resolved this issue from the above solution