r85 Garbage Collection

The current build (85) seems to have a bit of a problem with garbage collection. I am getting some pretty bad frame jitter compared to the 85dev version I have (file dated 2/7/17). I will work on setting up a fiddle once I figure out where to begin (my app is fairly involved) and get enough free time.

I did take these performance screenshots in chrome (58) on Win7 64. These tests involved running around in a circle in one of my game zones for 10 seconds. I’ve ran the same test 5 times for each version and the results remained consistent.

r85dev (as is on 2/7/17)


r72 (my current production build)

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  1. @Usnul thanks, it really isn’t garbage collection stats that I was looking at, rather than heap expansion rate, which Chrome makes visible with the memory allocation timeline devtool, which I don’t think firefox has an equivalent to.

    However, on the good news front…

    /ping @titansoftime @mrdoob it appears that V8 in Chrome canary (v60 to be) is much better and the heap problems exposed with skinned meshes seem to have gone (from a quick look only) and heap use is similar to the typedArray matrix performance.

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