r80 migration and “three.euler .setFromRotationMatrix given unsupported order: undefined”

Hello everyone,

The migration to r80 went pretty smooth, no issues nor warning found… I wanted to thank you for the stability in the latest releases. It went from 10-14 days worth of work to nothing! It sure gives us more time, but most importantly, it gives us the peace of mind needed to move toward this not so easy bleeding edge road.

On a side note, we have encountered a new warning, which might not be specific to r80:

three.euler .setFromRotationMatrix given unsupported order: undefined


  • the warning triggers on the lookAt() member function
  • the point used in the lookAt() comes from the spline getPointAt function
  • the object looking is a skinning blender object added to a group

Thank you,

Author: Fantashit

1 thought on “r80 migration and “three.euler .setFromRotationMatrix given unsupported order: undefined”

  1. object.rotation.copy( new THREE.Vector3() );

    That is invalid code. Use

    object.rotation.setFromVector3( v, order );

    or any other valid method.

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