5 thoughts on “[Question] future of viroreact

  1. Hey Guys,I am not affiliated with Viro. But I would like to help recreate the community, and update the code. Can we start a discussion thread (Here) about all the features that need to be updated? I am willing to donate at least 5-6h a week to patch the core, and the mappings.

    Things to do Next 2 weeks:

    1. Create a goal list of patches.
    2. Create a small Community of Devs (me, hopefully 2-3 others, I can get some of my post-doc co-workers to help when they can)
    3. Enable Projects, and Start migrating code into a test branch.

    I could really use some help. @nazmifeeroz @MinhazMM @vicpon Do you guys have 1-2h a week to work on this?

  2. Hey Guys, I can give you some updates about the future of Viro. Firstly, I have decided to contact the Viro team and help do some summer cleaning on the repository. But I can only dedicate a couple of hours a week @jpudysz @ranjanpoudel1234 We can work together to come up with a plan and bring the project back to life.

    For now, I can clean up the issues page. And come up with some statistics, and then we can return to create a plan of action. Hopefully, we can turn this ship around in the next couple of weeks. If anyone is interested in helping please like this post. So that we can create an open-source working group.

    Let’s build the features we want to see from Viro.


  3. @ranjanpoudel1234 @padidas @jpudysz @Turtleted21 Could you guys dm me on the viro slack: https://viromedia.com/ (found on the bottom of the page).

    I can share more info about the architecture of viro, and then we can work together to come up with a plan of action, and work to distribute the workload. I have a basic map, and a pretty good architecture understanding of the whole stack including the automated testing.

    I can make a slack channel for us to discuss because more than likely we are also going to have to revitalize the community since it is impossible to get like a small group of devs to take on a huge challenge.

    But I have been scoping this project for the past month, and I can say without a doubt, that we can come up with a plan and really make amazing updates!!!

    Untill then, Direct message me on the Viro Slack. And I will put us all in a group. Slack name: Royce