python build (in parallel)

One bottleneck for development is a lack of ability for parallel compilation – which is something that’s true for all extension code (I think this is due to a limitation in distutils / setuptools / etc). I know I’m not alone in having tried to do this before, but I just came across this SO post suggesting a way to monkeypatch distutils into submission for this purpose, so perhaps someone’s feeling optimistic and wants to give this another stab?

Author: Fantashit

2 thoughts on “python build (in parallel)

  1. Thanks for the tip, sounds reasonable to me, closing.

    Just to document how one can use ccache when installing matplotlib from source:

    CC="ccache gcc" python install
  2. Just to follow up with this ancient thread, the following works a treat for me on a mac:

     CC="ccache gcc" CXX="ccache" pip install -e .

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