1 thought on “Publicize: example images are not retina

  1. @WunderBart Can you compare our feature usage with WordPress/gutenberg#25786? That should help give us an idea of what things are priorities.

    At this point we know that the following will not be considered as stable in 5.6:

    Block Editor

    • __experimentalLinkControl (unused)


    • __experimentalGetAllowedBlocks (unused)


    • __experimentalBoxControl (used, see #46496)
    • __experimentalInputControl (used, see #46496)
    • __experimentalNumberControl (unused)
    • __experimentalUnitControl (unused)


    Block Preview

    • __experimentalPadding (unused)

    Block Navigation

    • __experimentalBlockNavigationBlockFill (unused)
    • __experimentalBlockNavigationEditor (unused, proposed to be removed in WordPress/gutenberg#25069)
    • __experimentalBlockNavigationTree (unused)
    • __experimentalTreeGrid (used, see #46496)
    • __experimentalTreeGridCell (used, see #46496)
    • __experimentalTreeGridItem (unused)
    • __experimentalTreeGridRow (used, see #46496)

    Block API

    • __experimentalGetAccessibleBlockLabel (unused)
    • __experimentalGetBlockLabel (unused)

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