Proposal: Bring Back Shadow Intensity (formerly Shadow Darkness)

Shadows are greatly improved for MeshStandardMaterial and MeshPhongMaterial. However, shadows are very dark. It has been suggested that all one has to do is add AmbientLight to the scene to accommodate. Although that does brighten the shadowed areas, it also brightens everywhere else.

I propose a new property: THREE.LightShadow.intensity which takes values in [ 0, 1 ].

I prefer intensity to darkness, as IMHO it is less confusing. (What does shadow darkness of 1 mean?)

I see that Unity has shadow ‘strength’, which I believe is the same thing.

Here is a three.js hack to show it in action.

Note that shadows for MeshLambertMaterial are not currently correct, and they are not correct in this hack of three.js, either.

Author: Fantashit

1 thought on “Proposal: Bring Back Shadow Intensity (formerly Shadow Darkness)

  1. I ended up here because i have many meshes fading in and out at varying opacities that all cast shadows on lots of different meshes. Shadows are interpreted as either just on or off and pop in. This is not realistic. Something with 25%% opacity should not have 100%% shadow. Not sure how to handle this.

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