Progress Bar custom color

Hi there,

It’s not an issue itself, more like a suggestion, I think it’s not possible to change the color of the progress bar component, only having those 4 options (success, info, warning, danger).

From my point of view, it doesn’t make sense don’t allow to customize the color, it doesn’t seem to be a complex feature to develop but it might be.

I think, using template it would be possible, as I’ve been working with popover template and I could customize colors and things. If not, a fast and useful fix could be to add and attribute to accept color in hexadecimal pattern.

What do you think about it?
Thanks for the great work!

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  1. Hi @pkozlowski-opensource just to give you me feedback.

    First, the code you sent, it does not work in all browsers, just on webkit engines, does not work on Firefox, on IE neither Edge.

    Second, I am not asking you to fix the problem for me, I know how to do it with CSS but tell me, what is the advantage of a framework? no writing that much code, isn’t it? what you just told me is do it with CSS because it’s possible. As far as I know, this framework is not needed, cause all you have under the hood is CSS and JS at the end, Can’t I do it by myself? with that thought, Do I really need bootstrap framework? Can’t I do it by myself? yes I can, but that’s the point of a framework, write less and have standar components/behaviors to cover often cases.

    If you think that having only 4 colors for the progress bar is enough and people won’t potentially want to change the color of them because they will just use those 4, it’s alright, I can or can’t agree but ok, but the reason you said that you can do it with CSS is not a news.

    Last, I am not a contributor, you are, so you decide what to do with the framework that you guys are building, that was just a suggestion, if you don’t think is good to implement, that’s fair enough.

    Thanks! 🙂