Preview: “Edit” button expected behavior is confusing

Steps to reproduce

  1. Starting at URL: /view/{site}
  2. It’s not clear what will happen when I click “Edit”. I expect it to edit the page/post/whatever I’m looking at, but it always edits the home page.

What I expected

“Edit” is just vague enough that I expected to be able to edit whatever I was seeing in the preview.

What happened instead

Instead, I was only able to edit my home page. Maybe it would help to clarify in the button copy “Edit site” or “Edit homepage”, if we can’t know what page the previewer is looking at.

Screenshot / Video

Viewing the “About” page, I click “Edit” in the upper right:

Screen Shot 2020-07-15 at 2 22 15 PM

I’m brought to this editor, which looks nothing like what I wanted to edit:

Screen Shot 2020-07-15 at 2 22 37 PM

3 thoughts on “Preview: “Edit” button expected behavior is confusing

  1. The change looks good to me, but I am not completely familiar with the calypso process yet, and am unsure how to proceed. I tagged the PR with “Needs Review” which I think will summon someone from the calypso team to look at it. Also tagging @jeryj for input.

  2. @mreishus 👋 I added the String Freeze tag to make sure the new string is translated in our database, and if not, it can be sent for translation. Also tagged you as a reviewer so you can review the PR and approve it; no need for someone from Calypso to check it out. 🙂

  3. In looking at this again, I’m inclined to say that “Edit” is a “good enough” label, given the technical complexities of both making the button copy too long for many languages, or making the button point to a specific post/page. We also don’t know that this is actually a point of user confusion; I don’t see any specific tickets or reports attached to this, so I’m assuming it’s not something that comes up often. I’d propose we wontfix it for now.

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