Premature linking to new documentation

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  • typo
  • documentation doesn’t exist
  • documentation needs clarification
  • error(s) in example
  • needs example

Description Of The Issue

The new beta documentation is so empty that it is useless as anything other than a list of types and methods. This is particularly troubling as, traditionally, one of the great strengths of this project has been its excellent documentation.

Please provide a link to the old docs (maybe under the beta warning) while the new docs are in beta.

2 thoughts on “Premature linking to new documentation

  1. Hi, Thanks for this feedback. What are the points you are missing in the new docs? That would be really valuable feedback so that we can improve it appropriately

  2. The new doc site has only the reference and a small introduction. All the guides are missing. Where can I find the old documentation? The new one is really useless.

    Edit: To be more precise: The whole manual is missing.

    Edit 2:
    The point is the that the old docs should not be put offline while the new one is so lacking. There’s actually no external feedback necessary to notice this. Just compare the old with the new documentation. It’s like a car without engine. The manufacturer should notice that there’s something missing.