Pixelated Fat Dashed Lines

Fat dashed lines don’t appear to be fully solid on my desktop.


I’ve tested this on two different laptops and fat dashed lines look great so it seems to be machine/browser specific.

I thought this might have been Z fighting but disabling depthTest and removing all other shapes from the scene made no improvement.

Author: Fantashit

1 thought on “Pixelated Fat Dashed Lines

  1. The example uses its own material/shaders for some reason, and the problem is caused by shader checking UV coordinates and discards if y is not equal to 0.5, hence the noise.

    		#ifdef USE_DASH
    			if ( vUv.y < 0.5 || vUv.y > 0.5 ) discard; // discard endcaps <--- this line
    			if ( mod( vLineDistance, dashSize + gapSize ) > dashSize ) discard; // todo - FIX

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