PDFSinglePageViewer.scrollPageIntoView: X is not a valid pageNumber parameter.

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Two way page binding for always showing pdf last page is throwing console.error while executing correctly. ¿Why is the error showing and is there any way I could prevent this from happening? It seems scrollIntoView method somehow losses pdf pages array.

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  1. That’s not a bug. (after-load-complete) is called immediately after loading the document. At this point in time, the document hasn’t been rendered yet. So there are exactly zero pages. That’s why setting page="3" raises an error.

    You can add a timeout, or you can also implement (text-layer-rendered)="jumpToLastPage($event)" like so:

    export class AppComponent {
      src = "https://vadimdez.github.io/ng2-pdf-viewer/assets/pdf-test.pdf";
      pdfPage: number;
      lastPage: number;
      finishPdfLoad(event: PDFDocumentProxy) {
        this.lastPage = event.numPages;
      jumpToLastPage(event: any) {
        this.pdfPage = this.lastPage;