PDF digital signature not showing

I’m using ng2-pdf-viewer in an Angular 4 project, but pdf digital signatures are not showing. I also tested using the plugin’s demo page https://vadimdez.github.io/ng2-pdf-viewer/ to test but still it doesn’t show digital signature.

I went through some few issue regarding pdfjs annotation.js , but I still can’t get it working on my application. If someone can help and please provide some few demo solutions that I can go through


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  1. It seems to be do to a feature in the pdf.js lib.
    The signature is hidden by default.
    It’s in the pdfjs/build/pdf.worker.js file
    if (data.fieldType === 'Sig') { this.setFlags(_util.AnnotationFlag.HIDDEN); }
    After removing these lines manualy, it works fine for me.

    Hope it can help you.