PATENTS and LICENSE and competition with core Google products?

hi there

don’t want to come across as a troll here but I’d like a plain English language interpretation of the PATENTS and LICENSE documents included in Dart Lang SDK

hypothetically, could I use Dart Lang SDK and Angular Dart to make a competing product to Adwords / Adsense ?

do I then risk losing my license by “inducing infringement” ?

I know quite a few companies chose not to use React JS because of the PATENTS clause and although FB has different language, there seems to be a similar issue being addressed


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1 thought on “PATENTS and LICENSE and competition with core Google products?

  1. Hi, open source attorney for Dart here.

    • You may use our stuff.
    • Give us credit by replicating our license files in any distributions.
    • Don’t sue us over patents related to this, or we’ll terminate any patent licenses that may or may not attach to this product.
    • Feel free to make competing products. But don’t claim you are Google, or are endorsed by Google.

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