Outdated examples for ScrollView with waitFor

Some of examples showcasing ScrollView with waitFor feature are referencing string constants (are these ancient refs?) which are never mentioned anywhere in the repo.

          ref={node => (this._scrollView = node)}
          waitFor={['dragbox', 'image_pinch', 'image_rotation', 'image_tilt']}


it’s very confusing where are these constants coming from? Trying to use real refs for waitFor are causing runtime crash #1016

1 possible answer(s) on “Outdated examples for ScrollView with waitFor

  1. I planned on rewriting examples and organizing the repo after we clean up issues a bit and fix some most important problems. Examples are a bit outdated and weren’t changed for a long time. I think categorizing examples by the difficulty of implementation may be a better idea than keeping everything in the same place so we may look into that as well.