Optimize Dart for Server use cases

Is there any plan to optimize Dart for Server applications?

Dart/Flutter developers would love to use Dart as a Full stack language and I am sure javascript/Nodejs would like to switch If Dart core team decide to make Dart suitable for Server applications.

I would strongly suggest and request Dart team to consider this proposal.

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5 thoughts on “Optimize Dart for Server use cases

  1. We are aware of multiple teams across multiple companies using Dart on the server side (both natively on the Dart VM and on node.js via dart to javascript compilation) – so for all intents and purposes you can already use Dart on the Server side.

    There are multiple server side frameworks available for Dart.

    And pub.dev in fact is an example of Dart team running Dart on the server side ourselves.

    We are also happy to address performance issues – if you discover some.

  2. @ansarizafar I would not read to much into “client-optimized language” statement or @thosakwe‘s statement that Dart is not “optimized for the server”. Dart VM can run in a variety of environments and modes and we tend to think that it does pretty good job in all of them. It is true that during different periods we might be focusing our attention more on certain environments and modes – but it does not mean that this regresses other variants.

    FWIW I would expect Dart VM for a real server application to have a smaller memory footprint than node.js – when it is used in the right way (that for example means using app-jit or app-aot snapshot), just because Dart has an object model that is more static compared to the JavaScript one.

  3. I am starting a new Flutter project and wanted to use Dart on the server but the client refused to accept Dart for server development as he said Dart is inferior to Go and even Nodejs in-terms of performance and memory, cpu usage and availability of packages for server for different tasks.

    I understand that Dart team has finite resources but I am highly disappointed to know that optimizing amazing Dart for server use cases is not a priority. Unfortunately, switching back to Go for the next project on the client request.

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