OBJ Vertex Coloring Parsing Problem

I’m using Meshlab to convert files from one format to obj. These 3d meshes have coloring defined per vertex. The way Meshlab exports them is as following:

v x y z r g b

However, there’s no implementation for this in OBJLoader or the python obj converter.
My question is, is this a Meshlab problem, or is there just currently no implementation for reading per vertex coloring from obj files?

Author: Fantashit

1 thought on “OBJ Vertex Coloring Parsing Problem

  1. If anybody wants a obj loader that supports vertex colors, I created one here.
    It is based on the existing obj loader in three.js.

    Demo usage can be seen here,

    Note that at this time, the objVertexColors.js I created in the GitHub link only supports the meshlab obj export option for ‘color’,
    deselect the ‘normal’ option when exporting a new obj from meshlab.

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