Not able to run examples

I keep getting this error even after recloning and clearing all caches:

Loading dependency graph, done.
Bundling `index.ios.js`  [development, non-minified]  0.0%% (0/1), failed.
error: bundling failed: ambiguous resolution: module `/Users/brunolemos/Projects/packages/react-native-gesture-handler/Example/index.ios.js` tries to require `react-native`, but there are several files providing this module. You can delete or fix them: 

  * `/Users/brunolemos/Projects/packages/react-native-gesture-handler/Example/node_modules/react-native-gesture-handler/Example/node_modules/react-native/package.json`
  * `/Users/brunolemos/Projects/packages/react-native-gesture-handler/Example/node_modules/react-native/package.json`

1 possible answer(s) on “Not able to run examples

  1. Running this inside the Example folder make it work:

    rm -rf ../node_modules/react-native
    npm start -- --reset-cache

    But that shouldn’t be needed, something is wrong.