NgbModal calling open() from ngOnInit() opens a new tab


I was testing with “Components as Content” example, and I think I found a bug. What I wanted to do was to open a dialog when this component was called. (I’m using angular router, and when the menu is selected, I want to open the dialog). So I implemented “OnInit”, and added ngOnInit() to NgbdModalComponent. Inside ngOnInit(), I simply called open(). When I ran, it just opened a new tab in Chrome and nothing happened. I tried to re-create this scenario on Plunker, maybe I’m wrong but I don’t think Plunker can show OnInit behavior. I was using the example you have for “Component as Content”, and simply added ngOnInit() to “NgbdModalComponent”.


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  1. You’re calling open(), i.e., in your ngOnInit() method. As documented, this opens a new tab. If you want to call the open() method of the component, then the syntax is

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