ngb-accordion : Click event for ngb-panel to call component method?

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2 thoughts on “ngb-accordion : Click event for ngb-panel to call component method?

  1. I am using ngb-accordion and when I click on ngb-panel I need to call method in component, do we have that feature?
    <ngb-panel (click)="comMethod()">
    I did not find anything related this in documentation.

  2. To be more specific, and probably a bit more helpful for anyone looking for an answer:

    <ngb-accordion (panelChange)="toggleAccordian($event)">

    public toggleAccordian( props:NgbPanelChangeEvent ): void{
       props.nextState // true === panel is toggling to an open state 
                                  // false === panel is toggling to a closed state
       props.panelId    // the ID of the panel that was clicked
       props.preventDefault(); // don't toggle the state of the selected panel