`ng generate @angular/material:navigation jnav` yields “… unhandled exception …”

What am I doing wrong? According to my interpretation of Navigation schematic the following ng generate ... command should have worked.

PS rbeNgMat>  ng generate @angular/material:navigation jnav
An unhandled exception occurred: Schematic "navigation" not found in collection "@angular/material".
See "C:\Users\joeco\AppData\Local\Temp\ng-KACyoy\angular-errors.log" for further details.
PS rbeNgMat>

Thanks in advance.
Love and peace,

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  1. Hi @Splaktar and @devversion ,
    Thanks for the help.
    So I got 3 things from this.

    1. The current docs are for Angular Material version 9
    2. The correct command for Angular Material version 8, looking it up on https://v8.material.angular.io/guide/schematics, is
      ng generate @angular/material:nav <component-name>
    3. The correct place for me to post this kind of issue is https://github.com/angular/components

    I can report that this WORKED LIKE A CHAMP!

    PS rbeNgMat> ng generate @angular/material:nav jnav
    CREATE src/app/jnav/jnav.component.html (931 bytes)
    CREATE src/app/jnav/jnav.component.spec.ts (1234 bytes)
    CREATE src/app/jnav/jnav.component.ts (582 bytes)
    CREATE src/app/jnav/jnav.component.css (193 bytes)
    UPDATE src/app/app.module.ts (1045 bytes)
    PS rbeNgMat>

    Thanks SO MUCH.
    Love and peace,