New version not found using npm cli

Bug Report

Current behavior

npm install fails on dependency @babel/types@^7.10.4, listed as dependency of @babel/generator. Non-existent version of dependency.

npm view @babel/types returns 7.10.3 as the most recent version, but shows 7.10.4.

OS: macOS Mojave 10.14.6
Node: 10.14.1 – /usr/local/bin/node
npm: 6.14.5 – ~/.nvm/versions/node/v10.14.2/bin/npm

— gatsby starter uses the following babel dependencies:
“@babel/core”: “7.9.0”,
“@babel/plugin-proposal-class-properties”: “7.8.3”,
“@babel/plugin-proposal-optional-chaining”: “7.9.0”,
“@babel/plugin-transform-flow-strip-types”: “^7.9.0”,
“@babel/preset-env”: “7.9.5”,
“@babel/preset-react”: “7.9.4”,

Additional context
fwiw, this is the starter I’m using:

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