New CSS3D renderer


I am working on a new CSS3D renderer, which supports BufferGeometry. It can display any type of polygon, not just rectangular shapes. Multimaterials and texture mapping is also supported.

I added the CSS3DObject and CSS3DSprite classes to the project, so the original CSS3D examples will also work.

The examples can be found here:

I would like to contribute it to the project. Should I replace the existing CSS3DRenderer then, or create a CSS3DRenderer2 class?

Author: Fantashit

2 thoughts on “New CSS3D renderer

  1. @WestLangley did this years ago already but I opted not to merge it.

    My opinion still stands:

    Although it’s obviously possible to hack around CSS3D to render 3D models, it remains a hack and it’s not the right technology for it. It would also create confusion for new developers that do not know what the difference is between CSS3D, Canvas and WebGL.

    Definitely appreciate the effort though!

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