My first attempt to draw a realistic eye on Autodesk Sketchbook using a drawing tablet


I just bought a drawing pad yesterday – a Wacom Intuos (~120 bucks) and felt so excited to give it a try right away.

This was my first time doing a drawing on a drawing tablet so it’s a bit difficult at first to handle all the drawing movements.

But it’s getting more natural when getting used to it after a while. I think my 120 bucks really worth it – the device is pretty okay.

The final result got a gigantic room for improvements but I’m done with it, just felt a bit lazy to continue the work.

The above video recorded the whole process of drawing a realistic eye on Autodesk Sketchbook using the drawing tablet. As I’m just new to the software, I only used pencil with different levels of sharpness and darkness for this drawing. It would have been easier for me if I could utilize more features provided by the software.

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